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What's the Appeal of Hand Crafted?

Have you ever picked up a product and thought, that just feels good in my hand? The power of touch is significant because its the first sense we develop. The popularity of kits for welcoming employees to the team is on the rise; instead of waiting for recognition moments, employers are looking for ways to set the tone of their company's culture. Like what?

How about a think tank in a box?

Are you looking for a similar look, but more affordable for the masses?

Let's construct your own kit to manage your budget. We can start with a box to accommodate the size of the products you select but more importantly provide a container that recipients will want to keep for future treasures. What can you insert?

  • Doodlers to daily gratitude journalers will appreciate a journal that looks smart, feels good to the hand, and gives back by combining construction from recycled bottles.

  • Multi-purpose tools to satisfy the "Macgyver" within you.

  • Mark the page in your favorite book.

  • A candle can immediately relax the senses delighting the eye, the nose, and touch! Not into candles? Maybe a diffuser instead?

  • A trendy version of the classic tick tack toe?

  • DIY enthusiasts at your workplace? Perhaps the team-building exercise might be a reward kit to use for home projects. A magnetic wristband will keep nails & screws within reach. Encourage recipients to share images of projects from their homes to invite conversation between teammates.

No matter what you select, we know that the rustic look that feels good in your hand is a trend that will continue to be popular!

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