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What's The Citrus Twist?

It's a tangelo!

It's a citrus fruit, but it's also the inspiration behind the Tangelo brand. Tangelo is a group of cutting-edge products incorporating modern trends yet designed with timeless design principles.

The founders of Tangelo have been manufacturing technology products for over 20 years. Every Tangelo product adheres to the most stringent product safety standards at each stage of design, development and production. Tangelo products are rigorously tested, and quality inspected to ensure that you have a world-class experience.

Tangelo is more than a quality company; they are also committed to donating a minimum of $10,000 worth of Tangelo products annually for education purposes. They partner with the Kids In Need Foundation to provide school supplies to under-resourced teachers, students, and teachers and students affected by natural disasters, because the founders

of Tangelo believe that education is our country’s best resource in fighting poverty. Learn more about the impact here.

Because education is one of Promotional Partners' core values, we find this foundation's objective extremely meaningful. Everyone deserves access to quality education, and teachers deserve tools that are relevant to the modern workplace. Our 2022 Cares Program will raise money for the Wake Tech Foundation. For every order with a Tangelo product between March 28 - April 30, Promotional Partners will donate $15.00 towards our Cares Program initiative. Keep following our social media and blog for April Showers directed at the Cares Program and leading up to our 15 year celebration!

*Note: Kids In Need Foundation (KINF), is a non-profit organization that believes every child in America deserves equal opportunity and access to a quality education, and provides the support and tools needed for teachers to teach and learners to learn. Through its national network of 40 organizations, KINF is able to serve an estimated 5 million students,

200,000 teachers and provide over $100 million in product each year at no cost to schools and teachers.

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