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What's Your Name?

Paper adhesive name tags, re-usable badges or company identification are all staples in the business world. Making introductions or identifying others you'd like to meet shouldn't be as hard as recalling the face of a classmate from your 30 year high school reunion!

Paper stickers don't have to be boring labels sold at the office store. In fact, as a team of graphic pro's, we'd love challenges like adding more flare to your stickers with the shape or the graphic. Stickers are also a great way to build up a loyal fan base, which local fire & police departments know will be a hit with kids, bringing a smile to their face! Here's an image from a few years back, as this young man was about to receive one of these sticker badges from the Chief Letteney of the Apex Police Department.

What type of options exist besides stickers?

Wood, leatherette, and metal name badges are popular options. If you have a large employee base or rotating members of a non-profit board of directors, a badge release program makes identification quick and easy. Learn more about this type of program here and set up a time to visit our showroom to discuss options & compare samples.

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