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What Story Is Your Brand Telling?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Brand storytelling is what we have done and continue to do daily. Branding matters because buyers care about it – particularly millennials, who are becoming an increasingly potent buying demographic. A recent study by Edelman, the world’s largest public relations company, revealed that millennials consider brand identification almost as important as religious preference and ethnic background when defining themselves online.

Brands aren’t simply what people like – it helps identify who they are.

Sturdy brands have devoted followers who are fiercely loyal and repeatedly praise them to others.

Know Yourself

A brand is so much more than a sum of parts. Give careful thought to who your brand truly is and what it stands for - if you don't know your brand, how can you expect your audience to know? Once you know your brand from the inside out, that knowledge will guide every future decision made. You have to know what makes what you offer valuable and different.

Stand Out

The marketplace is crowded, meaning consumers are constantly being bombarded with marketing. When you and your competitors are all saying pretty much the same thing, the trick is to stand out. What do you do better? What is your differentiator? The key is to create a message that is "sticky" - your message has to stick with the audience even after they move on from your site, social profiles, or advertisement. Figure out what your brand does best and create a creative, yet thoughtful message from there that's sure to make an emotional connection.

Be Authentic

People want to make a real connection with the brands they interact with. Become a brand that matches their values, interests, or a brand that makes them feel cool by association and you've got instant brand ambassadors. Develop such a strong connection with your audience and they'll defend it to the end. Think about it, have you ever been a part of or witnessed a debate of Apple v. Android or Starbucks v. Dunkin'.

Honor Your Core Audience

Possibly the most important aspect to remember is to nurture and respect your relationships. You never want to disappoint your core audience who has always been there cheering you on. Once you lose that trust, it is nearly impossible to get it back.

Be Consistent

Once you establish your brand identity, keep is consistent among all channels you are present on. What does your brand consist of? Your logo, your name, fonts and colors used, even the tone you use when answering the phone. Consistency is key, make sure that no matter what marketing material your audience interacts with, it will automatically click with them that it is your brand - even without the logo.

Tell A Story

What is the journey behind your brand? Why was it created? This is your chance to create an emotional bond with your audience, make your brand story come to life in the eyes of the reader. Just like a story that has been passed down through the generations, a brand has its own story to be told. What will yours say years from now?

We have always been brand storytellers. Let us help bring your story to life!

Source: ASI Central - January Stitches - Brand Commandments- Theresa Hegel

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