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Where Did You Come From?

Do you know the supply chain journey your products took before reaching you?

Yes- if you have an AWARE bag.

Transparency for the consumer has never been easier. Use the tracker embedded into the thread partials to track the path your product took before reaching you.

Right now these smart choices are perfect for travel, remote work, shopping and of course conferences!

Don't just talk about goals, offer the proof behind your sustainability initiatives.

  • Carry your essentials inside this casual tote bag made with 100% recycled materials

  • The AWARE™ exterior is the world’s first hybrid (physical tracer+public blockchain) traceability technology delivering an indisputable way to track and validate textile impact from origin to consumer

  • A classic, purposeful design with two top handles long enough to carry on the shoulder or by hand

  • A truly sustainable and reusable bag for everyday use.

  • To learn more, visit or watch this video.

Currently only totes, mini utility pouch and aprons have this technology integration.

We will be watching for more products like this to share with you.

What do you think of this type of technology & data?

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