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Where's Your Destination?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Before you go on a trip, most of us map out destinations we'd like to see and pack essentials that will make our trip easier or more enjoyable. Unfortunately, vacations aren't as frequent as business days. What are some products that can easily cross over from your leisure time to the work week? Let's explore, grab some paper or a tablet, you're going to want to take notes.

How about this Matador brand antimicrobial towel, that keeps everything else in your bag dry? Gym enthusiasts, campers and even healthcare workers or other types of industries that may shower and change at work will love this product. Matador is a brand that "designed to get you there", "high-quality gear for the traveler who knows where they are going."

We've all heard healthcare professionals remind us to take care of our self too- but do you listen? Maybe you know a busy professional or perhaps you are guilty of forgetting to take care of yourself. This personal hydration reminder fits on water bottles or drinkware to help remind you to get enough fluids in your day. Did you know that drinking water each day helps to maintain a balance of body fluids, which help with digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature? Take a look at this product.

Speaking of hydration and the rigors of your day, whether you've been climbing rocks or feel like you've been moving mountains a whiskey wedge might be the perfect end to the day. Local distilleries are popular because of the craft and often the story behind their brand.

What makes the Corkcicle Wedge a perfect pairing? If your travels ever take you to Nashville, Tennessee, check out this location. Besides the good whiskey our family enjoyed the journey of entrepreneurs & brothers retracing their families roots. In that back story was the pivotal part, wife & mother, Louisa played in becoming a business woman in the early 1900's.

Get on the map with prospects by staying top of mind with your referral partners. A 2019 consumer study ranked travel, health & beauty and food & beverage products among the top 5 most appreciated products to receive. What were the other 2? Keep reading our blog!

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