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Who Are You When.....

Who are you when I'm not looking? If you are a Blake Shelton fan, you will know that lyric. While do many of our blogs contain references to songs? Music has an ability to pull you into a narrative and keep focused on the story. Your brand is similar. Modern consumers want to know the back story. Who are you when I'm not looking? Like Blake, we want to know.

As individuals we each gravitate to different causes, but we want to know social issues matter. Our industry is responding to consumer preference, by increasingly offering an ability to show our human side. It's exciting to see new products in our market, especially when products address social issues and create a the story that is relevant to our health & a greater good.

What has us so excited?

How about a line of personal care products that pamper & protect? Hand sanitizers, yes, but also gifts that revive, soothe, nourish and restore. Product sets that include lotions, soaps but do so much more than protect. By partnering this line with Soapbox Soaps; hope is born. Take a look at the video of this amazing initiative here.

Who is Soapbox Soaps? A organization founded in 2010 with a simple mission: to empower people to change the world through everyday, quality purchases. Soap = Hope. For every Soapbox product you purchase, we, together, donate a bar of soap to someone in need either state-side or abroad. A pretty amazing yet simple concept! Brilliant!

Eager for more stories like this one? Our blog consistently highlights products with impact in the cause section , including other posts about clean water and hygiene.

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