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Who Can Prevent Injuries?

We all can prevent more injuries by making SAFE choices. Safety is behind the mission & work of Safe Kids!

National Safe Kids Week occurred from May 8th to May 14th. Let's focus on celebrations for the important work that the Safe Kids organization does in our communities!

The Safe Kids organization is a global nonprofit dedicated to protecting kids from preventable injuries, which are the number one cause of death to children in the United States. Safe Kids works directly with families and organizations to raise awareness, create safer environments, and advocate for improved laws to protect children.

National Safe Kids Week is a week dedicated to raising awareness about child injury prevention while also inspiring parents to focus on proven and practical methods to keep their kids safe. Some of the initiatives that the Safe Kids organizations highlighted this year during National Safe Kids Week were child passenger safety, home safety, water safety, and

sleep safety.

With summer coming up, we thought we should share with you some safety tips for you and your family to fully enjoy the water this summer! Among preventable injuries, drowning is the number one cause of death for children one to four years old. The Safe Kids organization makes sure that you and your family are well-prepared for this summer with these water safety tips. Take a look at what the Safe Kids Organization recommends to ensure your child can enjoy the summer while being safe!

Did You Know?

Did you know this month is also national bike month? Bikes are always a cool way to get in your daily exercise or spend a day with the family but we first must remember to always be safe! Especially in regards to kids, which the Safe Kids organization highlights in their Safe Kids Week “High Five Child Safety Checklist.” Also be sure to check out the other High Five Child Safety checklists, here!

Take a look at their recommended bike safety tips:

Our Local Impact:

In 2020, Promotional Partners launched our Give Back Program, which kicked off by selling budget-friendly and versatile products. This program was a collaborative effort with the Safe Kids organization as with every purchase of these products, we made a donation to Safe Kids Wake County. During this time of celebration for Apex's 150 years, we wanted to make sure to shed light on this amazing organization that has brought us so much joy and enlightenment, with the hopes of showcasing the wonderful things the Safe Kids organization has done for our community.

The donations from these purchases were put towards Safe Kids Wake County’s efforts in calling attention to the problem through media and public awareness activities, advocating for improvements and enhanced safety legislation and enforcement, providing educational programs for children and families, and finally, distributing lifesaving safety devices to families in need!

We are proud to say that these donations went towards protecting children and spreading educational messages that prevent any future unintentional child death!

If you or someone you know would like to make a donation to the Safe Kids organization, an online donation can be made, here. The Safe Kids organization has plenty of other educational tools and information on their website as well so make sure to go check that out with this link, here.

Make sure to read our latest post celebrating Apex's 150 years, here!

Complied by Emily Freed

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