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Who Wants the Secret Formula?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Ah, the secret formula - everyone wants it right?

Unfortunately there is no one secret that is a guaranteed golden nugget to monetary results. The secret ingredients behind growing your brand starts with actual work - crafting a plan. To develop a successful promotional campaign, one needs to first fully profile their ideal consumer. By assigning a face, personality and tendencies to your ideal consumer, you create a person. Individuals build relationships, so make your marketing efforts personal.

What's the value behind your relationship?
Where do others access that information?

Before we can develop a promotional campaign, we need to know what marketing channels will be part of your overall sales plan for the year.

  • How are you using social media for marketing & sales?

  • How do you use email for marketing & sales?

  • Is direct mail & dimensional mailing part of your strategy?

  • Will you be attending or hosting events?

  • Are there new product, HR, sales, or marketing initiatives we need to convey?

  • Do you have any milestones or awards to showcase?

  • Are you planning contests, mailers, or exhibiting for business development?

Compare what you offer with your competitors.

Besides an understanding of your business plan, it's important to understand who else is marketing to your verticals and how your company is different within the shared space.

  • Why do you think Company X has promotions that work?

  • How is your business similar and different than Company X?

  • Are you seeking the same type of client as Company X?

  • Why do you want this promotion or event?

  • What’s your expected ROI from the promotion?

  • How, when and where will the products in your promotion benefit your consumer?

  • How will you measure the success of this promotion?

We love the creative challenges behind developing promotional campaigns. If it's time for a fresh approach to your business development, our team is up for the task.

Ask us to share some of our secrets & success stories with you!

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