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Who You Know or What You Know?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

What's more important- who you know or what you know?

For us, the answer has equal parts. It's a bit like the yin-yang symbol- complimentary forces are necessary for a productive outcome. If you don't meet new people, you'll never increase your base of knowledge. If you only hang out with like-minded individuals, you never challenge yourself to consider new perspectives.

Our owners are a bit of a yin-yang relationship. Two vastly different personalities, preferences and often approaches to a situation. Yet respecting each other's opinions, super powers and experiences, our owners grow by challenging each other's perspective. A husband & wife team- that shifted career leadership from the beginning. Yes, we've always been woman-owned & NC Hub Status - which was Keith's idea!

Did you know that the second week of February is National Networking week?

Growing your connections is essential to business development. Fortunately, abundant opportunities exist- from social media platforms to membership organizations to just making friends in your favorite local coffee shop.

In fact, being located over Common Ground Coffee, has created both the environment & opportunity to make friends with a variety of people over the past 16 years.

Social media allows us to actively listen to what our connections are saying and see what's important to them through posts. These platforms also provide quick access to growing networks outside your normal footprint.

Similarly being involved in the community through membership organizations and service, as a volunteer, has created relationships outside our industry & outside our existing family & friends.

By making new connections, we are able to connect the dots!

Who should meet & why.

Back in Sept, we hosted about 20 ladies for a networking coffee on National Women in Business Day- just to network. Most attendees had never met. A few were surprised to find mutual connections, but everyone that attended came away with new relationships.

We will be networking again on March 8th- celebrating International Women's Day. As a woman-owned business, we find it exciting to see women in leadership roles- carving out their potential & inserting their voices. If you'd like make new connections-sign up to attend our March 8th Networking event.

Additionally, if we reach at least 30 attendees, our Promotional Partners Cares Program will donate $300 to an existing scholarship fund set up by the Cary Women's Club through Wake Tech Community College. This scholarship is awarded by the club to women over 30, retraining for their next career. (A fun fact, Olivia was first introduced to this scholarship by her mother in law, who was a long time club member and champion of the scholarship program for women.)

Together we will pay it forward for other women preparing to reinvent themselves in the workforce. Will you join us? Sign up here. Is this event only open to women? Heck no, Olivia is a career rule breaker. The only requirement is attendees celebrate a woman's voice in leadership roles. Remember, Keith & Olivia learn from each other; evolving along the way.

Besides, like the childhood rhyme, "my friends are your friends and your friends are my friends- the more we get together, the happier will be!" Maybe a bit corny for adults, but true. Life should have more time for fun!!

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