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Why Become a HUB of Information?

As a women-owned business, it's important to shout about it!

Promotional Partners has held a statewide certification since 2007 called HUB, Historically Underutilized Business which was developed a tool for making introductions & fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the marketplace.

In fact we have several posts around how & why we've chosen to be certified as a HUB business. Through our certification we are offering a choice to partner with a business that previously might not have been utilized us simply because they did not know we exist.

Creating opportunities. Opportunities grow business.

Understanding HUB Certification: 

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certification is a designation awarded to businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, or individuals with disabilities. It aims to promote economic opportunities for historically marginalized groups by facilitating their participation in government contracts and procurement opportunities. For women-owned businesses, HUB certification serves as a testament to their credibility, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

Opening Doors to Opportunity:

For Promotional Partners, obtaining HUB certification validates our company's status, and unlocks resources. There are abundant resources- programs, networking and depending on what works for your business model a plethora of opportunities. It's up to each business to determine if they are going after government contracting, corporate supplier diversity programs, and collaborative ventures with other HUB-certified entities.

Make Meaningful Connections. Support & Nurture Relationships

Being a woman- owned business, we love it when we can partner & support other women entrepreneurs across any industry. These relationships foster economic development & cultivate a culture of collaboration that supports the entrepreneurial community. Besides, it's fun meeting other purposeful women & building relationships. Together we create!

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