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Why Become A Specialist

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Often a new relationship starts because of a referral to us, usually associated with a specific product challenge or upcoming event. Once clients come in for an initial consultation, they realize our company adds value as a marketing partner. Nothing makes us smile brighter than hearing, "Wow this was helpful, you really know your stuff" or "I can see why I was referred to you, you're an expert."

Collaboration provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and sharing goals, which lays a foundation of trust. Branding is personal, it's your identity we are helping to promote. Experience comes from longevity and practice, but expertise comes from listening, learning & adapting. Promotional Products Advertising International, PPAI, offers a professional certification program to the advertising specialty industry.  In 2012, our owner Olivia first earned her CAS, a Certified Advertising Specialist certification. This designation has been the industry standard for 50+ years. This certification is a respected professional designation signifying professional knowledge, deeper skill sets, capability as a marketing partner and requires on-going continuing education to remain a certified partner and leader in our industry.

Beyond marketing expertise, it's exciting to have other business owners comment on how sharing best practices for growing and maintaining a business have been helpful to building their brand. A CAS certification is a comprehensive, robust body of education that contributes to smart business development choices.

Our goal is for our ideas to generate results for your brand!

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