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Workwear Make Over Alert

Imagine a world where workwear meets luxury. In this world, there’s very little business as usual, the days of the traditional business suit are almost non-existent in the modern office, making workwear the hot new fashion trend. Workwear is trending -because it’s just plain cool. In a word, our partner at Sanmar describes this trend as “U(luxe)tility”. This means you can work or play, but the utility has a luxe vibe; making you want to wear it every day.

The Carhartt Long Sleeve Henley T-Shirt, because Henleys have an authentic old-school vibe. They’re versatile, easy to maintain, and generally affordable for just about any budget.

We’re also seeing a trend in unique decorations on heavyweight long sleeve tees that are used to express one’s individuality. One example of this is the new Port & Company Bouncer Tee. Made from heavier fabric for a more comfortable feel, this shirt is comparable to popular retail brand shirts with a higher price tag. These are professional enough to be worn on the job site, with the versatility of making a personal statement with a bold decoration.

Hard-working buffalo plaid shirts, like our Port Authority Everyday Plaid Shirt, are also getting their moment in the spotlight. The name says it all: lightweight and durable with Easy Care features, this is a shirt you can wear comfortably every day.

The workwear phenomenon has been co-opted by younger generations as a true fashion movement. Consider that workwear, like most trends we see today, is an investment. The “Buy Better, Buy Less” philosophy is more important now than ever before, as consumers embrace the idea of purchasing clothing that lasts and that has value down the road. For these consumers, the throwaway “wear it once” shirt is seen as wasteful and mindless. The response taking shape in the slow fashion movement focuses on thoughtful production and mindful consumption. Millennials and Generation Z place particular emphasis on purchasing clothing designed for quality and longevity. Workwear fits into this picture surprisingly neatly.

When it comes to blending streetwear with function, nobody does it better than Carhartt. Their apparel checks many boxes, such as affordability, durability, a timeless style, and a comfortable fit. Carhartt apparel supports your personalized style and comes with function built-in (big check for that one). At the top of the list of reasons why diehard fans buy Carhartt is the long-lasting durability that adds value down the road.

These days we want comfort, protection, style, durability, adaptability, and utility. Is it any wonder that workwear, designed for all of these things, is a trend worth a closer look?

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