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Wrap Up in Comfort & Ease

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Cooler weather will come and when it does, cozy fabrics that deliver on softness, style and practicality will become essential.

While we were kitting long before 2020, the popularity of box kits featuring the "unboxing" experience of a curated collection in a nicely packaged set became the go-to way to connect your message to individuals.

From gifting to onboarding employees, the boxed set became the norm. Boxed sets are still trending because of the ease of distribution. What's simpler than designing & selecting a set now and ordering it to ship later? Yep - it's that simple. From gourmet food gifts to custom kitted collections, even products for fur-babies!

Why Kit?

Branding - Create more opportunities for your brand and message to be exposed and shared!

Experience - Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially one that unveils a delicious experience!

Your Way - Create a kitted gift that represents your message and core brand principles!

Fulfillment - We have the team and facility to coordinate, package, and ship your unique gift! Planning for an Amazing Launch - we have experience! Preparation is key - know the message you want to convey, the recipient's preferences and your budget - including the shipping & drop shipping costs.

Let's Do This! We make kitting a snap, with our expert team from design to fulfillment.

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