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Zip Up Your Marketing Efforts

As the winter months approach, make sure your brand wrapping up it's best engagment! Putting a spotlight on your brand means marketing strategies utiizing products that are seen, kept and used. Zip up your marketing efforts in every element through stylish, trendy, and customized jackets.

Outerwear is a consistently a top performer when it comes to corporate gifting generating a long life of impressions.

Long lasting here in the south-outwear also has numerous ways to decorate. The high return on your investment, combined with the low cost per impression means long life for your marketing efforts.

How about influencing your target markets?

Now, what to select?

Ah- that is one of your partner advantages. Come to the showroom to explore options for fit, feel and decoration methods.

Beside trendy styles, what about construction with the environment considered- giving back through our 1% for The Planet Partnership and selections with responsiable partnerships through our proud path collection & B-Corp partnerships. Watch our video here.

For example a popular fabric for clothing is made from RPET, which stands for “recycled polyethylene terephthalate.” (Don’t worry there isn’t going to be a spelling test). All you need to know is it's the most commonly recycled plastic in the world.

In addition to the environmental influence that final touch in the process, is decoration method. Decoration is the first introduction to your brand from a marketing standpoint.

What captures attention visually?

Follow our next post to learn more about the processes.

We can't wait for you to try on some of the trendy samples we have to offer!

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