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3 Magnifi-MINT ways to create a smile

Today is hard candy day - so we thought we would share some benefits of one of the most popular hard candies this time of year- peppermint!

Did you know that peppermint is a hybrid of mint? Yep, it's a cross between watermint & spearmint and is indigenous to Europe & the Middle East!

Add something unexpected that creates a smile with these ideas!

  • An overlooked, low cost way to add some flavor to stale marketing campaigns- mints! Layer them in your boxes when you ship out orders as a thank you. Hand them out at your Q1 trade-shows & conferences with QR codes on the package. Leave some at the point of purchase in retail & restaurants as appreciation to your loyal customers.

  • Employee programs are built around mental health, wellness and reducing stress. Maybe those programs could include peppermint? Why not include a candy jar for the desk with hard candies or wellness kit. After-all, peppermint has a calming & numbing effect used to treat headaches & skin irritations. It's known to ease anxiety associated with depression and an soothe upset stomach as well as aid in digestion. Really, google it!

  • Cook with it. Crush it up and add as a topping to a warm winter beverage. Cheat and send out some peppermint bark to add to that beverage break instead of cooking yourself. We're not judging.

It's mint to & soothing! Life's too short not to be generate some smiles!

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