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4 Legs Will Improve Your Health!

Research shows that owning a companion animal like a dog brings real health benefits. A study published in The Washington Post reveals that pet owners are about 12% happier than those without pets, and dog owners are happier than cat owners. Well, that might be up for debate depending on your preference - however most of our team will confirm they love their 4-legged family members which include both dogs and cats!

Modern office environments and remote workers include pets, making the addition of a fur baby to the family a milestone moment for many. Pets are even working their way into weddings, getting their own birthday parties and social media accounts! Our furry friends offer a window into our personal side; individuals instantly find a common bond in a love of pets, sharing stories and experiences the same way parents discuss their children.

Reward employees, shoppers and patrons with products for their pets! It's free advertising if the designs are clever and have a retail-inspired approach to incorporating your branding. Consider fun twists on your name, tagline, product service to add some fun.

Leashes, collars and bandanas are a showy way to add some color and offer an imprint area that would allow for fun wordplay or splashy graphics. Dog or cat lovers will appreciate a lint roller! A lint roller would make a great giveaway at a college career fair - recruiting day. Look your best or have fun wordplay that navigating your career pathway can get hairy!

Looking for more inspiration? Search our site by the word pet and of course visit our showroom to check out samples firsthand or work with the design team to create a fun promotion.

How do fur babies make your life happier?

*Featured here are Holly and Baxter- Holly being one of our owner's dog's and one of their furry grandbabies Baxter.

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