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4 Ways to Offer Protection & Brand Value

Umbrellas are one of those useful items that helps block out the sun at an outdoor event or sitting at an outdoor cafe table, as well as sheltering you from rain or snow.

What are 4 ways an umbrella can add value for your brand message?

  1. Are committed to sustainability efforts? Then an eco-choice with recycled materials is perfect for you.

  2. Word play around your brand message is a smart way to market with an umbrellas. Are you offering positive solutions & happy vibes? Maybe you should consider providing a sunny sky on a rainy day to your recipients. Maybe you help your clients clearly see solutions. All in one solutions.

  3. Large canopy umbrellas are great gifts for the beach for families. If you own a business in a busy business district where consumers will stroll, branded canopies will capture your message. Here's an eco-solution to consider. Use the space playfully- not all imprints have to be your logo. Feature information such as: we have the best burger in town, voted #1 place to grab coffee, offering shelter for the thirsty! Protect their assets, even if that's golf clubs!

  4. HUGE billboard space. Get creative! Using the entire canopy, on top & below, you can share maps, photos and tell a story. Now that's something our graphics team would love to create! When you are in a hurry, stock graphics, to thank someone for their efforts- a great team gift!!

Whatever umbrella fits your marketing campaign, there is no doubt that umbrella's are a smart way to grow awareness for your brand. Statically speaking, an umbrella racks up some impressive stat's over it's lifetime of use. Each time a consumer uses an umbrella, you are providing them protection!

As a bonus, check out this post - what are 5 common myths around umbrellas?

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