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5 Budget-Planning Alerts to Consider

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

  1. Cotton costs are going to rise, and you will feel the pinch in tee shirt pricing. When? Probably by late Q2 & into Q3. Why? Inventory due to COVID conditions, importing issues have led to large gaps in the supply chain, inventory on tees this last year could change as quickly as a day- pivoting an order to another brand or color due to sizing- which impacts price. Additionally, Gildan’s supply chain took a major hit, which is going to make additional brands with less choice for stock.

  2. Stock-inventory is affecting orders of all sizes, both large and small. We may quote an order and stock may be gone as quick as the next day. Stock issues are not just for tees- it's across all types of products making American Made choices smart for 2021. Especially for company store programs, which rely on the ease of stock being available for choices.

  3. Reallocating event or in-person HR training budget for drop shipments. Our largest suppliers said they did more drop ship kits in the month of December 2020 than the entire year of 2019 or the first 11 months of 2020. The beauty of a kit is choice. You select products that reflect your need, such as home office, comfort, appreciation, or an event.

  4. Greater good- cause-related product choices continue to be popular, making it easy to align your company values to the impact of a greater good.

  5. Personalizations & small quantities- this year's industry show was full of choices for no setup, low qt (as few as 1 unit) and personalization of the recipient's name added. Gifting this past year soared, as budgets for onboarding, training, recognition, and events were now allocated to showing support, care and appreciation. The low qt and single options were welcome additions to our partner list.

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