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5 Trends, Love It or Leave It?

Social media has made our eyes tired- it takes something unique to stand out from the crowd. How can you grab consumer attention? Simple, the power of touch. Our industry is full of new product ideas and a bit like an episode of Love It or List It- are these products right for you?

1. All-in-One Home Office Essentials

For those that must have organization is this desk organizer & charger right for you?

Love it or Leave it?

2. Added Protection

Germs, forget about them with antimicrobial products like this mouse-pad provide a print-rich surface for your brand story. Add calendars or favorite take out numbers, even a QR code to a video or online ordering system. An antimicrobial preservative is incorporated into the fabric of the mouse pad to protect the surface by suppressing the growth of bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. How do antimicrobial products work? Love it or leave it?

3. Fanny Packs are Back!

Yep, from fashion runways to influencers’ Instagrams, there’s no denying fanny packs they are back. Why? Modern waist packs like this Koozie brand Fanny Pack holds 3 cans of your favorite beverage and keeps them chilled. Plus, the front zippered pocket holds other essentials while keeping your hands free, is great for solo hikes or dog walks, and serves as a personal cooler. Love it or leave it?

4. Awesome Augmented Reality

DIY projects are at an all-time high, put a twist on the classic calendar and you have 365 days or 52 weeks to consider your next big project! The DIY Projects Calendar includes 12 DIY videos using the Pixaction 2.0 app so you can watch it, do it and make it! Keep your brand in front of customers for a whole year with the unique (and useful) augmented reality via Pixaction 2.0 technology. Love it or leave it?

5. Packable Apparel

Taking a trip may just feel like a dream right now, but for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers, packable garments like the Champion® Packable Jacket are always must-haves. This all-weather outerwear conveniently folds into a hidden front zipper pocket for easy storage that also takes up less room in a pack. Plus the lightweight polyester micro-poplin on this best-seller is water- and wind-resistant. A great spring-time promo for unpredictable weather that gets your brand out there with every errand. Love it or leave it?

Which of these products would you love to have left in your hand to use?

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