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6 Tips For Creating Memorable Event Recognition

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

You have management buy-in, you’ve created your strategy and you’ve built your program. Now it’s time for your big recognition event! 

Where should you start?

Click here to download a sample event planning checklist. 

A recognition event needs to be memorable. How do you elevate the event? Creating a theme for the event has a natural memory hook but there are also some key tips for the individuals involved such as:

  1. The right person needs to make the presentation. This doesn’t need to be the highest-level executive. The presenter should be the highest-ranking person who can personally attest to the accomplishments of the employee. The presenter needs to be able to tell stories that evoke emotion in the recipient as well as all employees.

  2. Managers must be trained to make a great presentation. They need to know who is being recognized and why they are being recognized. They need to be able to talk about the accomplishments and focus on the positives of the employee. Consider a video story to include remote team members or to focus on specific accomplishments.

  3. Tie in the corporate symbolism. If an award is symbolic to the organization, the manager must be able to explain the symbolism and how it relates to the organization.

  4. Ask others to make comments. Colleagues who know the award recipient can add comments to make the presentation even more memorable. Inviting colleagues to the event also lets them see behaviors of the winner that they can emulate.

  5. Ask the recipient to make comments. If your recipient is willing, let them say something! This allows them to thank people who have helped them as well as the people involved in the event.

  6. Close with a sincere thank you. Thank the recipient and all who attended.

Looking for a wow factor? Ask us about adding color!

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