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6 Ways to Stretch a Dollar

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Saving you pennies, nickels and dimes will always stretch your dollar. Regardless of the size of your business, cost savers are appreciated.

Sharing print space, like the pints glasses featured here made a chamber networking event more fun, plus saved each business some marketing dollars by co-branding the space. If you have strong local partners that refer each other business, a smart way to grow awareness and stretch your budget should always include co-branding!

What are 6 simple ways to add value, without adding cost?

  1. Co-brand is a smart choice - reduce your cost through partnership.

  2. Add QR code - Share the rest of the story by taking your consumer to a video, blog post, coupon, map or reservation link.

  3. Add a testimonial on a cup with a large imprint area - nothing says you rock like praise from a happy customer.

  4. Share a story of success on a product with a large imprint area - does your service do more, give back or make someone else's company more profitable? Share that stat or story on items like a bag, stadium cushion, envelope, pint glass, coaster or mouse pad.

  5. Purchase display products with full coverage - allowing different content on each side, sublimated products that fit like a sleeve usually have dual sides, even vinyl banners can be different on each side when hung in your outdoor tent.

  6. Add an option to include photographs to share your story - faces draw in views and images tell stories quickly in a way that's lost in text.

We have numerous ways to stretch your dollar and increase your brand awareness!

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