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A Gallop of Friendship

Horse & Buddy is a non-profit organization with the mission to enrich the lives of individuals with diverse needs through equine-assisted therapies and activities in a safe, caring, and inclusive environment.

These majestic creatures with their strength, grace, and loyalty, play a vital role in our community, creating bonds that go beyond mere companionship through the organization of Horse & Buddy. The organization's values include:

  • Safety is their number one priority.

  • Professionalism by following PATH standards and certification requirements.

  • Compassion in all they do.

  • Respect to their riders, parents, caregivers, volunteers, donors, and staff (equine and human).

  • Last but certainly not least, FUN!

Horse and Buddy owns 35 gorgeous acres of land in New Hill on which they have built their program. They moved their horses to the new facility on February 14, 2010.

They have a beautiful 10-stall BarnMaster barn, with a tack room, feed room, and office space. They also have a covered 100x100-foot riding arena!

The riders in their therapeutic riding program are taught by PATH-certified instructors who teach riding skills in a safe supportive environment. They offer both group and private lessons for individuals, 7 days a week, with a variety of special needs and abilities. Their goals for their riders are safety, riding skills/benefits, and FUN! Riders of all skill levels often show progress in physical, emotional, and social skills.

Horse and Buddy is proud to offer several programs in the mental health and learning field. They offer team building, mindfulness retreats, child-centered play therapy, and equine-facilitated psychotherapy programs at their barn. This includes: ​

Horse & Buddy plays a vital and impactful role in the Apex community which makes them an essential part of the community. Since this year is the Town of Apex 150-year celebration, and we focus on community partnerships, organizations doing good work- are the fabric of the town's 150 story.

To learn more about Horse & Buddy check out their website, here. To help out their staff and volunteers, consider donating with this link so that Horse & Buddy can continue to offer great care to those in our community who greatly benefit from their services: Horse & Buddy Donation Page. Follow our previous stories here.

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