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A Splash Of Fun

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

As promised, we are back to explain a few of our favorite drinkware options we found at yesterday's event! We mentioned that there was everything from brand name to different shapes and sizes and even different decoration methods - instead of overwhelming you, we found it best to break them up into categories.

Brand names versus Non-brand names.

This beautifully designed bottle is made of glasses and features a silicone sleeve for easy handling and a bamboo lid which gives it a natural flair (a 2020 trend). One of the key comments we heard yesterday was people wanting a bottle that was effortless to hold yet chic - this is that bottle.

While it doesn't hold a brand name, the look and feel gives you the same feeling for those not looking to spend extra for the name. Just imagine you and your recipients enjoying a nice cold sip of water in style!

Another chic water bottle is this Corkcicle 20 oz Hybrid Canteen. Very similar in design to the previously mentioned, however, this glass water bottle also has the cooling power of insulated stainless steel! While the main portion is made of hypoallergenic glass, the base is made of stainless steel to keep your drinks nice and cold.

Nice water bottles are a perfect fix when you are in need of a quality item to gift, whether it be for a company wellness program, employee on-boarding, or just as a thank you. Water is a necessity but isn't always fun, why not give a gift that will be useful and add a splash of fun.

Let us know, do having brand names matter to you?

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