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Adaptable, Flexible, and Connected

It’s January, so goal setting is a common theme. If I see one more Pelton family commercial I might scream, but those commercial are effective in conveying that you are not singular in your goals. Crafting a brand message that creates a call to action and effectively conveys succinctly the value add you offer can be tricky.

Are you looking for a way to cross multiple demographics and vertical markets with your branding? Would you like that item to work at home, office or in leisure? Technology based items deliver on all of those goals. Start the New Year out strong with an item that is not only affordable but adaptable to your needs, flexible to your budget and connects your brand to numerous consumers as they live life! Would you like a bonus? Did you notice that your adaptable, flexible and connection are also key properties of a multi-port HUB or adapter?

What's the difference?

Hubs will have a larger imprint area than an adapter, and offer additional value such as being integrated into a desk item, housed on a mouse pad or perhaps even providing sticky notes. However, an adapter on a key ring can be carried in your pocket or purse. If the logo lights up, your brand will be illuminated for anyone around the connector, perhaps you're at a meeting or a local coffee shop with a device that is about to die, a power bank would become useful. The ability to link your message to the properties of a branded product help to reinforce your key differentiators in a visual and physical way that touches more of their 5 senses. Recall and retention are stronger when we have more sensory experiences with a product.

Want another idea? Learn more about our multi-prong chargers aka squids!

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1 Comment

Aden Conrad
Aden Conrad
Jun 19, 2022

Thanks for a great reaad

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