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Add Some Buoyancy To Your Brand This Summer!

A roomy, top quality cotton tote is a classic accessory for summer. Totes are a popular choice with consumers because they are reusable, reducing waste.

Totes are a smart choice for branding because:

  • Consumer support is growing for banning single use plastic bags

  • 73% of consumers own a branded bag

  • Bags capture over 3,300 impressions over their lifetime & are kept on average over 11 months. Which means a $5.00 bag is only 2/10 of cent in your cost per impression.

What else is cool about a bag promotion for summer? It's roomy enough to add a water-bottle, sunglasses, beach ball, sunburn alert stickers and if you are looking for something quirky- a floating cap! Yep. Best of all, each of these items are part of our anniversary month special (May 13-June 13) for The Poe Center.

Ask us how your purchase can give back to help our youth.

Source for stats: ASI's 2020 Global Study

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