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Are You Living Up To Your Brand Potential?

Every generation has ideas that plant roots into our culture, but in 2020, media has become less about syndicated control and more about individual access. Social media influencers are making recommendations and endorsements that are driving consumers to brands. Are there local personalities that you want to become an influencer for your brand?

Smaller companies rely heavily on social media to increase brand awareness and grow their audience. Hubspot defines micro-influencers as "well known" individuals who work or specialize in a particular vertical and regularly share a lot of social content about their interests. How can you get others talking and thinking about your brand message?

Your ability to cross your story over from a digital platform to another medium simply lies in the power of physical touch. Tangible advertising delivers unforgettable results, in fact, 88% of people remember the advertiser on a promotional product. If your imprinted ceramic mug includes a client testimonial or a motivational suggestion that your loyal fans associate with you then you've increased the reach and influence as they engage with their morning coffee break.

Was your company voted a great place to work? A wordle that captures the comments by employees could be made into an image for a tee shirt to wear from work to leisure, or your laptop bag helps both you and the environment, or maybe the coaster that greets them each morning at their workstation has a fun graphic showing what your company values are. People keep promotional products. 82% say they own one and 47% say they have kept them for over a year. Employees are staying connected and engaged with the message of your awesome company culture.

By engaging your senses, tangible products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool, interacting with consumers at a sensory level creates an experience that makes them memorable. Retro items like buttons and patches are trending right now, but did you realize that George Washington used commemorative buttons back in 1789 when elected president? Learn more about the history of PPAI and promotional marketing here.

* Research comes from PPAI- Promotional Products Association International

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