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Make Your Marks Matter!

When sketching, writing or dreaming, make your marks matter. A line can form letters, shapes, words and so many images. A pencil is an adaptable medium for expression.

Make the WRITE Touch- consider being Tree Free!

Today is Earth Day- so let's explore some brands we sharing for years.

When a product enhances your daily routine and is purpose driven, well, that's a partnership that matters. We strive to add more value, make a difference in our community. We love brands that use their brand power to be a force for good & create meaningful partnerships that effect change.

Besides, K'arst offers sleek modern styles & high quality products that solve everyday solutions. By offering value, these will never become brand fill.

What's special about this pencil set?

The K'arst Woodless Graphite Pencils come as a set of five (5) solid graphite pencils. Made of 100% pure graphite with 2B hardness, it’s the best lead grade for K'arst paper products. Features a matte coating to keep your fingers clean. Includes retail gift box. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of all EcoSmart® products are donated to environmental nonprofits.

The innovation, sleek design and commitment a better tomorrow for our planet is exactly why we've been sharing about the benefits of the K'arst brand since 2022. Our partners that have tried stone paper can't stop raving about the feel. Read more in this earlier post.

As an art major, I loved the feel of high quality graphite pencils for sketching out ideas and recording my thoughts. Besides, these pencils provide seamless movement and the ease of shading or drawing simply with the tilt of your wrist. Their innovation does not stop with pencils.

In their search for a better tomorrow the company began to consider if paper needed to be made from trees. The answer is no, it can be made from stone and a journal cam become waterproof. Besides, the paper feels amazing.

By challenging themselves to adhere to high standards for design & for respect to the environment their products are creating solutions and forming strong partnerships.

Karst is one of our many B-Corp Partnerships- you might recall from our focus last month on these types of partners.

Seeking purpose driven partnerships?

Ask us for more suggestions and make sure to visit our showroom to compare options.

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