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Awaken The Senses; Fill Up Space!

Being seen & heard starts by having space "at the table".

For those of us that are extroverted we assume our words matter and those around us are listening! However not everyone wants to hear a lot of words. Connection is what makes promotional products - work, they leave an impression. In order to make a connection a product should fill a space where it will be noticed.

Today let's explore how quiet products offer huge touch points- filling the room.

Our senses create strong impressions - sight, smell, taste, touch and sound.

Elegance. Fragrance. Light. Ground individuals by offer tranquility.

An artisan hand poured candle offers a way to connect with their senses.

Introduce partnership by growing something together.

Sprout an environment that nourishes relationships.

Fill space in a way that nourishes relationships- you might be surprised how not using your words will create a powerful connection. While these may seem like quirky strategies- they work.

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