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Beat the Heat!

What's better than not sweating in the summer?

A sale!

The MiiR Tomo- 33 ounces is normally $94.78 for a minimum of 8 units, it's now only $37.79 each! Plus feel good about your choice, knowing how MiiR gives back, empowers & where they draw inspiration for their name and designs.

Every MiiR product sold helps fund transparent giving projects. MiiR gives at least 1% of revenue to nonprofit organizations whose work empowers communities while benefiting the health of their natural environments.

Drawing its name from the Japanese word meaning “friend” or “companion”, the MiiR Tomo moves with you through the world at the pace of together.

When you are looking for ways to beat the heat- how about this Corkcicle can holder, which is on sale for only $19.49!

Every CORKCICLE® purchase helps bring clean water to people in need through CORKCICLE’s partnership with charity : water.

  • Never lose your cool. This is the last can cooler you will ever need.

  • Arctican keeps cold cans cold for up to 3 hours.

  • Simply freeze the cooling core base, twist it on, drop in a cold beverage and enjoy ice cold drinks for up to three hours.

  • Includes sleeve adapter for glass bottles.

  • Fits most 12 ounce aluminum cans and standard bottles

Finally, this Frost Buddy knock off! Only $14.99 on sale or if you'd rather have Frost Buddy brand- we have that too!

In fact, if you click the link to Frost Buddy- you'll find some compelling reasons why chilling out folks for summer sales is a smart way to sizzle up profits!

Pop into the showroom to compare options we have on hand!


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