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Heat Up Summer Sales. Make 'Um Wanna Shop

For many summer months represent an opportunity to explore a new destination or revisit a familiar location like the beach, lake, river or mountains to reset their mind & relax.

Snipp Interactive provided these stat's:

  • Studies show that warmth leads to more purchases (46% more likely to shop at 77℉ than at 68℉)

  • People pay more too: over 80% of consumers were willing to pay more for goods and services when they’re warm!

How can you use these stat's grow sales?

Use our love of summertime activities as a way to connect with your markets & grow.

Layer in coolers & drinkware into your summer marketing campaigns. Insert products into your social media to capture attention, then convert to sales. Offer rewards for loyal consumers that increase the frequency or increase the volume of their purchase by rewarding their behavior.

Craft a loyalty program around products that are kept & used- read more here,

Like what? Bags and drinkware are consistent winners for engagement. Getting consumers talking about you is an important step in growing your business. Our new on-demand program is an excellent way to offer rewards & incentives to your loyal consumer, in turn creating opportunities to insert your brand into their lifestyle. Grow attention & add new consumers to your business.

Summer time includes cold drinks! Whether your favorite beverage is iced coffee or cocktail from your favorite social district; a flexible partner is an asset! Heat up sales & chill out your customer with a Frost Buddy.

What's the magic of a Frost Buddy?

Read more here.

Make your business a summer companion.

HEAT up your summer revenue with the infusion of clever marketing.

Take a look at all the options, including one for your 4 legged companions!

Ask us to put our certified knowledge to work by crafting a program for you to heat up your summer sales!

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