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Before Your Tassel Turns

Long before a sign for graduates goes up on a fence, outdoor building, or over a busy street, there is work to be done behind the scenes. You might have seen our earlier post regarding how to make signage work for gaining awareness for your message. For your signs to leave a lasting impression, but if they are going to make it it's time to turn the tassel, it must be constructed from durable long-lasting materials. Clients are often surprised to learn that banners can be made from different ounce weight vinyl or even from fabric materials.

Before we design a banner for you, we'll always collaborate about the use. For example, a banner hanging outside the school for the entire year, in all different types of elements will benefit from a mesh banner to allow the air to circulate through the holes- don't worry, this process does not affect the appearance.

If your banners are meant to hang on lampposts for one season rather than to be used each year for a celebration, then vinyl over fabric will reduce your costs. While mesh is a great option for outdoor use, it's not double-sided, so over the street banners will often need to have air vents cut, like the images in this case study for local Apex 2020 graduates.

Whatever the process, we have different material options and attachments to offer for hanging correctly. Our expert team is ready to guide you to the best option. What's your next event to market?

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