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Brands Pursuing a Care Culture

Finding work- life balance is a growing trend. However balance for each of us is different.

Finding balance happens in different ways, from the yoga mat to some well-earned "alone time" at home. The "Care Culture" trend reflects a renewed focus on mental and physical health. Care extends to self care, and encompasses care for another.

For some, it's not getting away from work as much as the flexibility to change your venue. If you enjoy camping, hiking, fishing or sandy beaches, you know that access to power in more remote locations can be - well, spotty. BioLite offers solutions.

March 22nd- is World Water Day, a day established to highlight the importance of fresh water. Access to fresh water helps prevent disease.

We've been featuring stories about:

  • Brands recycle water bottles that are diverted from our oceans

  • Brands that support global clean water initiatives and women owned brands

  • Brands like Hilana, that reduce water waste & create cozy, comfy sustainable blankets

Stories with a purpose partnership have been regular features in our blog for several years. A local advantage to our partnership is taking the story a step further by collaborating with our marketing team in our showroom location. Compare purpose driven products and learn more about why these brands should be part of your branding efforts.

Take a look at the latest trends for spring & summer 2023 in upcoming posts this month.

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