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Capturing Hometown Pride

When you feel connected, rooted and like you belong- your home.

If being home is more than a physical space, and exists as a feeling within us that we assign emotions with that location- how do you capture the essence in words or visuals?

That's the challenge.  

The Town of Apex, a charming community nestled in North Carolina, long known for its commitment to quality of life and community well-being. Central to its identity is the trademarked phrase, the "Peak of Good Living," encapsulating the town's ethos. The Town of Apex officially trademarked the phrase the "Peak of Good Living" to encapsulate its commitment to providing an exceptional quality of life for its residents.

Today's case study delves into the collaborative efforts between the Town of Apex and Promotional Partners for developing visual representations for the trademark phrase & products with those logos that reward the spirit of hometown identity and pride.


Collaborative & Design Partnership Story:


To amplify the impact of this trademarked phrase, the Town of Apex carefully selected Promotional Partners, with a track record of high-quality design, marketing expertise and deep industry knowledge. Collaborative time in our showroom & design studio was an essential step in discussing the objectives for the program, developing design concepts and working through the project elements. These sessions ensured the final designs from imagery to font captured the town's spirit. Critical elements conveyed during the design process included creating two distinctly different logos for broader appeal to residents, while maintaining similar overall design elements for consistency. The designs needed to work well together, capture the trademark phrase and through planning a desire to denote the geographic location of the town within the shape of the state.


Brand Enthusiast Store:

In the product selection it was essential to offer popular products that were functional, provided a large imprint space, were high-quality with craftsmanship & popular detail to consumer trends. Products are sold both through the town’s website store, at The Depot and festivals in town making it easy for residents & visitors to purchase. The popularity & demand for products continues to grow each year.



The collaboration ultimately provided enthusiasts a way to celebrate the "Peak of Good Living", fostering a sense of unity and civic pride. This partnership with the town earned Promotional Partners a Silver Pyramid award from PPAI in 2021. The successful integration of strong graphic design & popular product offerings continues to strengthen & broaden awareness for the "Peak of Good Living." Read more about the pyramid award here.


“We were so grateful for your help with graphic design & product selection. Miranda's keen eye for design helped us reinforce our trademark & allows us to reward brand enthusiasts with products they will use at home & out in the community. Thank you for your relationship with your team of experts. We look forward to future collaborations!”

-Town of Apex



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