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Catch-Up with Jan, Jam with Bose!

Race towards summer fun at full speed!

Partnerships matter!

If added value is important to your relationship, these summer-time ready products will deliver the quality, innovative design & function your seeking. Convey your company culture & value by offering products that also deliver more.

How much do you know about the stories behind these two brand partners?

The Bose® founders set out to invent new technologies that would truly benefit people, creating a culture where innovation and teamwork are valued above all else. Bose® has a simple mission: Think of better solutions, create better products, and help people enjoy the things they love. It started when Dr. Amar Bose founded the company in 1964, and it continues today with passionate employees around the globe.

JanSport® was founded in Seattle by three friends — Skip, Murray and Jan — in the summer of 1967.

When Murray, an engineer, won an award for creating the first adjustable aluminum backpack frame, he asked his girlfriend, Jan, an accomplished seamstress, to create a pattern for it. He promised that if it was a success, he’d name the company after her. It was, he did, and the JanSport® brand came to life.

In the next chapter, JanSport expanded their value proposition, on a proud path to sustainability. In 1967, JanSport® was created to help adventurers experience and celebrate the outdoors. In the years since, that mission has expanded to protecting the outdoors for future generations. Today, JanSport® is taking a hard look at the carbon footprint and sustainability of everything it does. It's a work in progress, but JanSport® has used the equivalent of 13,000,000 bottles' worth of recycled plastic in select styles. Watch this video.

When you are looking for summer adventure and adding value, consider these brands, as well as the ones in this post.

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