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Summer Love, Is Calling!

Updated: 7 days ago

Summertime is calling- ANSWER!

Answer the call to great adventures. Life experiences fill our cup & sustain us with memories. Fill your cup up. A day trip, weekend or extended stay is less stressful when you pack essentials! Similarly, when you're looking for the perfect gift for loyal customers or employee appreciation, be memorable. Strong impression's are why brands matter!

Brand names are what the modern consumer really wants! Reward your brand enthusiasts- employees & your own brand ambassadors; make your fans scream.

If kitting and shipping to large groups makes you nervous, this program is for you.

What types of products will you find on demand?

  • Journals

  • Drinkware

  • Blankets

  • Technology pieces

Summer is the perfect time to start a program.

We'll show you how to use a program in a restaurant, dealership, boutique, corporate setting, to enhance fundraising efforts or reward volunteers. Beyond "on-demand", our team has the experience & expertise to build a program that fits your budget, aesthetic tastes and that resonates with your recipient.

What do you give?

According to Custom Boxes Market, a survey reveals that 72% of American customers think that the product packaging design influences their buying decisions.

Let us take the stress out of gifting & prospecting. Who doesn't love a gift? In fact, giving is at the heart of what make tangible advertising & marketing work. Recipient's of a gift, say thank you; which is a positive way to start or continue a relationship.

Make an impression with products that will be used, kept and appreciated.

Journals spur the imagination and provide time for reflection. Discover what makes them so popular and what features you should consider here.  Ready to create something custom? Our talented design team is ready to explore the options and create something unique. Whether you prefer to log your reading preferences & notes to share with your book club or sketch on the beach, trails or river bank, journals are the canvas. Make your marks matter. As a former art teacher, I know the power of touch. When the paper & the writing instrument feel good in the hand & adapt as quickly as your mind, well, it's partnership at work.

Purpose driven partnerships, including B Corps, make your brand message last longer. Aligning your values with brands that share your values is smart marketing, extending your relevance. Drinkware & bags- have been capturing attention for years; with strong ROI.

A few brands offering more?

Take a look at all the places you might enjoy summer adventures with partners like JanSport, Bose, BioLite, CamelBak, Silipint and mophie!

Ready to make summer connections? RSVP for our upcoming Open House.

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