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Checkers Anyone?

I am sorry- we don't want to create controversy by suggesting that checkers are for seniors- why? While besides age bias, people of all ages love games.

Digital print media never ceases to amaze our team, it's a treat for the eye, with unlimited possibilities for the creative mind.

What are you seeing here?

It's a table cover, with a checkerboard inserted. During a recent show, this concept was suggested for senior living communities as an easy way to gather for a game outside - then clean the boards to use again in the washer-driers on hand. A similar concept works in the office, schools, or in your local park on a picnic table. Add this to the list for your next reverse tailgating event.

We love using our imagination for your brand- put us to the task; let us help you "give away" all your pieces, "capture" more attention for your brand, "quadruple jump" over your competition with winning strategies.

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