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Tailgating Goes Virtual- Are You Ready?

Tailgating is a time-honored tradition that hits its peak every fall during the football season. What’s not to love? Food hot off the grill, good-natured jabs at opposing fans and delicious beverages staying chill in Koozie® can koolers – all just a fun warmup for the game itself.

Traditional tailgating doesn’t seem likely this year and in many cases, our love of sports will require spectators view from their home or RV!

One success story was Penn State's Blue-White Virtual Tailgate, held in April, encouraging fans to interact with their digital channels and show team spirit via a Zoom event. The Big 10 school saw 700 registered tailgates with 8,000 participants socially distanced with 8,812 miles separating them across the globe. Their accompanying social media campaign reached more than 3 million people and got 200,000 social engagements.

Traditionally, Americans spend up to $20 billion on tailgating activities annually, so how can we adapt?

Bring the Party Home

Brands can still connect with the tailgating crowd with smaller, at-home or RV held events, rather than a huge parking lot party. Useful items like a backyard BBQ set, a small-but-mighty Bluetooth® speaker and a multi-function Koozie® Triple Can Kooler are perfect for virtual tailgating now and for when the party moves back to the stadium in the future.

Team Up to Help Out

Some districts, conferences, and cities are coming together to offer special team-related merchandise with proceeds benefiting those affected by COVID-19. Using a virtual tailgating event to connect supporters of these programs with coaches/athletes and the people they helped is a memorable and meaningful way to bring sports communities together. This approach is a way to demonstrate the value of community and promote the lessons learned regarding the importance of teamwork in sports.

Think Outside the End Zone

Tailgating is synonymous with football, but going virtual gives different sports the opportunity to “tailgate” too. Brands can host virtual watch parties, working with our design team to create strong visual images to use when promoting in your social media. Encouraging behind the scenes stories to add interest. Like what? Superstitions and game-day rituals revealed would both make great stories. Maybe you've previously worked in a company that encouraged game day gear on Friday to promote interaction among employees. Your virtual wallpaper can now display your spirit!

Let's score some points for your brand engagement!

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