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Consistent Branding Made Easy

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Sample Company Store

Did you know that we offer you the ability to create an online company store? Online company stores are a great option for those looking to provide employees an opportunity to purchase pre-selected items.

Why you should consider this type of program


With company stores, the user is able to order online, 24 hours a day! Stores also offer the ability to select online payment via PayPal or using your company match program. No more are the days of a single person having to keep track of who ordered what and keeping track of the payments.


Online stores with pre-selected items mean all of the branding decisions that are selected across your network have been decided. That includes all types of products, decoration methods, color options, and imprint information. Ensuring a consistent brand message across a large employee base has never been so easy!

Seamless Processing

Just like organizations differ, so does a store's processing time. We have the ability to process orders immediately or set to process once a week to once a month depending on your organization's needs.

Sample School Spirit Store

What types of buying options are offered with our stores?

  • Each store can include up to 24 hard goods - promotional products to round out your options.

  • Looking for an added special touch? Add options such as special packaging, kitting, sorting, or labeling to your order for ease of distribution.

Are you ready to start designing a store for fundraising, employee perks, or brand unity across your network?

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