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Cowboy Gear or Pretty in Pink?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Looking for a way to unify your team for a breast cancer walk?

When you think of bandanas, if you only think of cowboys & western movies you are missing out on a low cost product with a HUGE imprint area! The entire surface is literally a blank canvas for creative marketing campaigns & talented graphic designers.

Instead of adding a logo to a pink product in October, utilize the large imprint area for:

  • A unity bandanna for a night walk, run or marathon

  • Include a course map prior to the event & showcase sponsors

  • Create a custom color me bandana to keep the kids busy

  • Provide messages about self check, with a map to locals around your area for screening.

  • Add signatures or inspirational messages from survivors

Fall is also associated with back to school, hiking to see fall foliage, Friday night football games - bandanas are perfect for:

  • Spirit

  • Glow in the dark for evening events like camping or stargazing

  • Add a map for the conference, convention or parking map, include QR codes to sponsors

  • Tour the campus, let kids color in the experience

  • Show the best trail to take for fall colors

  • Add safety tips or other instructional information

  • Send employee on a themed team building scavenger hunt

  • Don't forget our four legged friends!

This is an exciting edge to edge print medium just waiting for some imagination - which makes it perfect for our quirky enough to work series, graphically speaking, USA Made and low cost high impact series of stories on our blog. Take a look at the 2022 digital catalog here.

Inspired to start the creative process? Throughout the months of September & October, orders with bandanas will donate $15 to our 2022 Cares Program because this creative medium aligns with why investing in education is so important; elevating your opportunities.

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