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Will You Help Us Donate $225?

Join us this Saturday, August 6th as we are teaming up with other local businesses for “Apex Gives Back.” This event is being held to donate a portion of that day’s profits to local charities and non-profits across NC with our Downtown Apex neighboring businesses.

There will be music, fun, and activities along Salem Street all day so come on down to shop, dine, and play for a great cause with our neighbors! Normally part of our magic is the in-person experience to collaborate on product selection from the showroom and create with our design team, but don't worry. Even though we are not open on Saturday, you can still send us messages to tee up your order and give back!

As part of the fun, we have created a number of ways you can support Apex Gives Back and our Promotional Partners Cares Program with virtually no work at all. Intrigued?

3 Simple Ways to Support:

1. Contact us by email, web or social accounts to let us know you are interested in ordering a drinkware product for an upcoming marketing campaign. That's an instant $15 into our Cares Program total, which currently over $1,000!

2. Place that order before the end of August, and that's another $15 to our Cares Program. As always, work through the marketing, selection and design process with our team without a rush to purchase only on Saturday. Take your time, relax - we will still count your donation in the day.

3. Give us a shoutout on social media! We've been partnering with local businesses, non-profits and schools for fifteen years. Share one of your favorite promotions - in the wild, in action and that's an instant $15 into the Cares Program as part of our partnership to "Apex Gives Back". Our goal is to have made 15 investments by Saturday - that's $225.00 we will invest into our Cares Program.

How about a bonus? Ask us about a line of drinkware options we offer that have free set up, free shipping and many offer full color decoration. That's going to save you more than $15 on your order. Some ideas for how to incorporate drinkware into a campaign.

As you can see $15 goes a long way! Who will our partnership benefit? Wake Tech Foundation. Take a look here at the impact of the dollars donated to this foundation and the types of programs you will be supporting here. Wondering why we selected this partner? Learn more here.

What does "in the wild" look like? Here are some images in action or just taken out of a box from a dimensional mailer:

You know our team loves to laugh, which is good for you, which means those products you purchased out in the wild world of our daily routine are growing awareness and sales for your business. Here's the facts.

Are you ready to give back? Just by reading this post today, know that we've already added $45 towards our $225.00 goal for Saturday! By liking, commenting or re-sharing this post on your social media, your action will be one of the remaining 12 contributions to our $225.00 goal. Now that's easy!

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