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Creating A Call to Action

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Creating a cohesive presentation can be achieved with some planning. Will your campaign be distributed by sales representatives in the field dropping off kits or part of unique mailer that is powered by your own creative fuel?

Our team is always looking for ways to pull your brand message into the product and packaging to increase the impact of your campaign. A call to action is generated when the recipient makes the association between your brand and their need. For example:

  • Lip balm suggests word of mouth referrals are best, we have something to say or let’s start a conversation face to face

  • Ibuprofen in a medical themed pouch suggests we solve your pain or we relieve pain points

  • Hand sanitizer suggest - we care about personal safety or wellness is important to us

  • Full color shoe laces are a fun way to register runners for the upcoming charity run, use as admission to the event or as a reward to a team challenge among departments for adhering to wellness goals.

Each of these items offers a way to create add a call to action, is easy to carry with you while networking or can be affordably mailed or handed out at work.

Full color packaging can be very inexpensive- yet add valuable information that might normally be lost with a card.

Colorful packaging also adds to the visual impact of the table when distributed at shows or conference events. Keep attendees engaged longer by including QR Codes, puzzles, trivia questions or images of building progress on the package of those sunglasses you're distributing.

Becoming a rock-star with your branding only requires planning and an expert partner!

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