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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Why be ordinary? Get out of the box- by kitting your gifts in a box, that offers that curated collection feel. We can make things easy with perfectly packaged options, drop-shipped to each location. It's a game-changer for gifting with quality packaging to make a memorable gift experience for the holidays, virtual conferences, sales meetings, or any other time your customers want to create a big impression. Let's start with the packaging, which includes a sturdy lift-top box that makes it feel like you're opening a gift, not a bulk package. Additional upgrades include decorative packing paper, a message card to accompany the gift, and a custom sticker for the box, so gift recipients will know who it's from as soon as it's delivered. Speaking of delivery Perfectly Packaged includes drop shipments at no additional extra charge, so you can ship gifts directly to residential addresses rather than in bulk to a single location. Our service includes flat-rate shipping options. Time Is Money. Perfectly Packaged gifts save you time and money, here's how:

Money, because you don't have to pay to ship the gifts somewhere for assembly – not to mention the savings on packaging. Time, because we put it all together for you.

Oh Yeah, Before We Forget …

10 Ways To Drive Business Now that you've got the lowdown, here are 10 ways to leverage packaged gifts:

1. Finance And Accounting Clients Thoughtful gifts are always a nice personal touch 2. Annual Awards Sales achievements or safety milestones – reallocate money that would've gone toward a nice dinner to some really nice gifts instead. 3. New Grads Many ceremonies are virtual, you can still send them off with a nice gift. Good luck, grads!

4. Sales Meetings Kickoff for 2021 being held virtually? Get the team fired up by delivering gifts straight to their homes. 5. Real Estate Clients Send a thank-you gift to everyone who bought a home this year. 6. Holiday Parties Yep, they'll probably look a little different this year. Give a toast to teamwork with a nice insulated tumbler for the virtual office party. Share favorite cocktail recipes instead of the cookie exchange or Secret Santa.

7. Virtual Conferences Great swag makes virtual events feel like a big deal. (If it's really cool stuff, people love posting pics.)

8. Employee Gifts Gifts to help them relax and unplug are a nice idea at the end of a stressful year. Think cozy blankets and comfy apparel. 9. Healthcare Workers Surprise nurses, doctors, and support staff with something special for their extraordinary efforts this year. 10. Front Line Workers First Responders, retail workers, delivery drivers – they've all worked harder than ever in 2020. Surprise them with gifts they can use on and off the clock.

When you are ready to get started, as our team to share trends that recipients will enjoy and want to use!

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