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Devil In The Details

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In a world that revolves around online shopping, it isn't uncommon for people to turn to a quick internet search for their buying needs. The promotional marketing world is full of details some may not even think to question. Why do we choose to be different?

  • We choose not to be e-commerce. Sure, we have a website that shows you our offerings, but that is only a glimpse into what we have.

  • Our clients have been re-educated to know that a huge value we offer is our ability to navigate your choices, make sure your art will work for the imprint, stock is available, there are no hidden costs, production and shipping time will meet your in hands date, products are safety compliant and quality matches your expectation based on the e-image

  • Assurance- we partner with suppliers, that like us, care about your outcome, your satisfaction.

"The devil is in the details"......knowing how to avoid pitfalls takes experience. 

What are examples of the devil in the details?

A client wanted to re-order an umbrella, the style previously purchased was no longer an option. We showed them a couple choices, instead they selected an umbrella from one of the supplier sites we'd shared; we advised them to look back at our suggestions. Why? This client needs to print in PMS match colors and multi-color imprint for adhering to their brand guide. By switching them to the umbrella we suggested we were able to save them over $300.00 on the order. Removing PMS match charges, multiple set up fees, run charges per color; plus the name brand piece was a lower unit cost.

It happens around 25% of the time, an order needs to be processed with our Partners Quick Turn Service. A client needed shirts embroidered by next Friday, but they also wanted to see samples. Because we have a showroom, we were able to deliver a couple choices to them on Friday to compare and we proactively shared the digitized file with the decorator to make sure no edits would be required. We placed the order on Monday with delivery on Thursday, just in time to look sharp for a group event on Friday.

ART! By offering our clients expert and experience design services, we save time and produce better results. One of our local school partners partnered with us for floor mats and signage to direct students and parents. Many of our clients think the want their products designed one way, but once they see choices they realize they want something completely different. By having Miranda and Sara work through design work BEFORE placing orders, we saved them time and money. How? Supplier proofs are a double-check, it's meant to ensure the file is correct not for further changes. Why? Our supplier partners process 1,000's of orders a day. When edits at the proofing stage are required, time and money is involved meaning orders may not arrive when needed.

You may have noticed the Burke Brothers Hardware tent at the Got to be NC Festival. Their store is located across from the Raleigh Fairgrounds, as your source and expert team for "everything". In fact they say, "If you can't find it at Burke's, it doesn't exist". While the tent design seems simple and the product straight-forward, we were able to compare tent options and accessories between suppliers. Miranda was able to show the owners several design choices before going into production. The result was a tent that "pops" outside.

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