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Do The Obvious!

No new news here, Taylor Swift released a secret album and people went nuts. Why are we bringing this up? Well, we're glad you asked. She has one song titled "cardigan" and just so happens to also be selling a branded cardigan on her merch store - not to mention she also wears it toward the end of the music video. Coincidence? Absolutely not. Taylor Swift is a marketing genius. She knows that it's all about timing - releasing an album that coincides with a release of new merchandise. It seems like an obvious move, but it works!

Merchandise is a powerful tool for promotion and sales. A well designed, quality apparel item mixed with a well thought out campaign will not only gain the attention of those who receive the item but also gain traction across the internet. The result? More eyes and ears reached!

How does this help your brand?

Creating a limited edition series of apparel and other items is a way to drive traffic while building brand awareness and loyalty. Generate excitement and boost sales by teasing your upcoming launch to loyal customers. Loyal customers are your brand ambassadors, get them excited and they will have a hard time not telling their friends and family.

Want to get them even more involved? Have them vote on a design or ask them if they'd like a particular item you're considering!

Too much to talk about creating a limited edition series for your e-commerce store or advertised first to your most loyal customers? What's a easy place to start for custom apparel? Caps!

Get a-head of your competition by using your head for a high impression generating promotion using caps!

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