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Do You Have A Card?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

According to Entrepreneur, business cards are still a vital way to distinguish brands from their competitors. A unique business card design, shape, or feel that reflects your personality will stand out in the stack. In a face-to-face meeting or inserted into a mailer, business cards are often the first exposer to your brand.

Business cards should make a powerful first impression.

We offer a wide range of solutions that can be customized to reflect any company’s distinctive brand, plus many cards are USA Made! Let's explore some options:

  • Corporate customers with high-end services or products- Consider elegant cards with a thick paper stock and raised printing. The shimmering effect from foil imprints can serve either as a stylish accent or the centerpiece of the design.

  • Fashionable, trendy businesses: Offer business cards with a distinguishing-colored core that grabs attention. Some papers have a sparkly finish, or super lush thickness.

  • Customers in creative fields: Propose an eye-catching shape – such as a circle or oval – to differentiate your customer’s company. There’s no rule that says you have to stick to rectangles! Ask about unique shapes that reflect your business message.

  • Edgy companies promoting innovation: Recommend raised spot gloss. This specialized printing process really packs a punch whether it’s used to emphasize important elements or used as a design element on its own.

  • Add QR Codes to a video, blog or website to enhance your story after you connect.

A professional and creative business card leaves a lasting impression. To quote the author of the Entrepreneur article, “The physical exchange and engagement creates a connection that can’t be recreated by LinkedIn or your website.”

Ready to put our design team to work? We can develop your logo or use your existing logo to create the perfect card for your needs. Compare paper options, review some of our past work and discuss programs options for higher quantity needs with our certified team. Besides, business cards are just one of the many places we add our creative touch!

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