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Do You Know The 4 Hot Trends?

From year-end employee awards to celebrating the holidays, the final months of 2022 are full of gifting opportunities. It’s always a good idea to beat the rush – so if you can, order now while inventory and product selection are strongest.

What 4 trends are hot right now?

Inventory & Lead Time

There is no way around stock issues and lead time issues for the 2022 holiday season. Our preferred partners have stocked up on top selling items like beanies, blankets, backpacks and bottles to hoodies, jackets and polos – all in stock now, and ready to ship. Lead times are still pretty normal, but our industry has been hit like many with supply chain issues getting containers imported, moved from the dock storage to trucks to warehouses and workforce staffing issues in the production area. This year more than ever you need to plan for the holiday early.

Explore these 4 hot new trends, in these curated collections featured in our digital lookbooks Then have us create a custom package based on your preferences.

Perfectly Packaged™

Our Perfectly Packaged™ fulfillment service is an easy way to deliver a memorable gift experience, allowing you to create fully custom gifts. Pick a single product or mix and match multiple items – either way, the service includes decorative packaging that gives gifts a personal touch. Unlimited drop shipments are included, too, so you can deliver gifts directly to homes or offices instead of in bulk to a single location. This service saves you valuable time, money and adds the personal "unboxing" experience we've all come to love.

Retail brands are popular for gifts because of the quality. Search for more stories around gifting here.

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