Does Your Brand Stand Out In The Crowd?

Traditional decoration, silkscreen and embroidery is perfect for some projects. However there is no doubt when our client's visit the showroom and see some modern options, they go crazy! Crazy works with this brand partner. The more inventive the better. Sleeve, shoulder, hip, and interior are just a few options you have when it comes to placement. Most decoration options offer the option to flip your logo, horizontal or vertical? It's all about showcasing the personality of your brand!

There are many ways to mix and match, allowing you to create a unique piece without all the guesswork. Consider the fabric as a canvas that will be used to showcase your branding, the placement of seams, stitches zippers, and pockets are strategically placed to naturally draw the eye to your logo.

Sleeve, shoulder, hip, and interior are just a few options you have when it comes to placement. Use some imagination and color outside the lines. Being remembered requires something memorable. Showcase the personality of your brand!

Employees become brand ambassadors when they want to wear branded apparel on the weekend? Subtle branding is the way to go. Tone-on-tone, mixed media, or a private label is a subtle and fun way to ensure employees want to wear your gift outside of the office.


Mixed Media - is fun to design. Notice how combining processes adds more dimension and visual interest to the final product. Hidden image messages are possible in the neck or inside of the jacket of many products within this line.

Special features, unique decoration - create are memorable moments. Become a brand that recipients choose to wear not have to wear! Be remembered.

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