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Don't Be Afraid to Get Your Brand Wet!

Practical items create long lasting engagement for marketing your message, and you know we also like the quirky too! Maybe you recall our give 'um the finger post from 2019, about how foam fingers were used when Apex was named the #1 place to live in 2015.

Our woman-owned partner for our foam fabulous promotions has products for the home to clean the kitchen, the car and to make bath time fun with the kids.

Because they have been making USA Made products for over 35 years, customizing a shape or adding some key points to the surface of the foam is a snap.

We've created promotions for company's that want to add a fun element to their conference theme.

Schools that want to add some spirit and fundraising sales to their program line up.

Realtors and Mortgage companies looking for ways to connect in the home, using mitts and scrubbers in welcome home packages. The holidays are also a great time to insert some quirky fun into your branding & marketing efforts. Getting your brand wet might be just the clever solution you've been seeking to insert your message into the home.

The holidays are also a time to embrace fun strategies for marketing.

Let's get creative- using the surface to create the right message for your brand.

Apparently even the Claus's love foam! Another woman-owned, quirky enough to work and low cost- high impact idea to consider.

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