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Embracing the Power of Pause

Updated: Mar 8

For this Pearl of Wisdom contribution I, Emily Freed, an intern at Promotional Partners, am going to share some of my reflections and thoughts as an observer of the series. Throughout the Pearls of Wisdom series, I have been part of almost all of the discussions and meetings which has offered me a unique perspective coming from a woman just starting out in the professional world.

In today's fast-paced world, where instant gratification seems to be the norm, Barb Conroy the Vice President of the Apex Public School Foundation, offers a refreshing perspective on the importance of pausing before making decisions or taking action. In her discussion with us, Barb shares a pearl of wisdom that has resonated deeply with many, including myself: "Let me get back to you…"

As a woman just starting to be immersed in the complexities of the modern workforce, I find Barb's insights particularly insightful and relatable. The Pearl of Wisdom series is a treasure trove of diverse perspectives and experiences shared by women from all walks of life. This series serves as a testament to the richness of wisdom that emerges from collective voices. As I navigate my own journey in the workforce, I've come to appreciate the depth and breadth of insights offered by this series.

Barb's emphasis on the power of pause resonates deeply with me. In a world inundated with constant stimuli and the pressure to act swiftly, her words serve as a gentle reminder to step back and embrace moments of reflection. As someone who often feels the weight of urgency in decision-making, Barb's perspective encourages me to prioritize clarity and intentionality over haste.

Barb acknowledges that she, like many of us, has been conditioned to prioritize speed and efficiency in her approach to life. However, she recognizes the value of resisting this urge and allowing herself the space to pause and reconsider.

She states “I’ve been conditioned to be this way. Haven’t we all; with the immediate gratification culture hand-held computers have created. But, more times than not, there is still something to be said for sitting on something for at least a day. 24 hours can shift perspective, language, and emotions. 24 hours can confirm these things as well. A pause allows me to find clarity and peace with my actions.”

Through Barb's wisdom, I've come to recognize pause not as a sign of weakness or indecision but as a strategic tool for fostering deeper understanding and insight. Her ability to distill complex concepts into accessible nuggets of wisdom speaks to her expertise.

She continues by stating that waiting “allows my decisions to be most meaningful rather than emotional or reactive. Pause helps me be in the moment and give you my best self. Pause is hard and goes against my core at times, but I have seen its impact and will continue to practice this approach.”

Barb's perspective on the power of pause serves as a guiding light for those of us who are still learning to find our footing in the professional world. By embracing this approach, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and our actions, ultimately allowing us to show up as our best selves in every situation.

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Barb Conroy can be found here and the Apex Public School Foundation can be found here.

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